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OC Tour to Seville 2016

 That’s right, planning has started for the big tour to Seville 2016! Our tour guides Javi Macro and the Jesus will be leading the cultural exchange and ensuring OC tourists blend in and become fully native! 


We will arrive on Friday 8th April and return on Sunday 10th April 2016


Seville, Spain


What’s on?

On this weekend Seville will be in full swing preparing for its annual ‘Feria de Abril’ or Seville April Fair. Whilst the fair does not officially start until the Monday/Tuesday after we depart we are advised by our inside man Javi that the festivities very much start the weekend we are there and access to venues is much easier at this time. Full details here  http://www.andalucia.com/festival/seville-feria.htm



We will be looking to arrange a VET’s team and seniors XV. A VETs tournament has been identified at Javi’s old club (http://www.rugbyciencias.com/) and we will look to arrange a senior XV fixture as well.  


How much?

The full trip will cost £300 and will buy you, flights and transfers, accommodation, stash, and a special item to be disclosed later! Deposits of £200 will need to be received by Friday 25th September 2015 at the very latest to ensure we can secure cheap flights.  You can put down your deposit today via the OC Shop on this very website!!


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Speak to anyone who has toured OC stylie! 


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