Old Colstonians: Your local Bristol Rugby Club!

Cotham Park 1st vs Old Colstonians 1st

After a week of cold weather and challenging training conditions the in form Old Colstionan first team arrived in the rural setting, which was Cotham Park. The weather was good with the sun peeking through the clouds, setting the scene for the third Oc’s win in as many games.



The first half got underway with a strong start from the away side. An early try set the intentions of the day. However, as the result of some errors at the break down, Cotham Park gained the advantage with some well-kicked penalties.


After a period of sustained attacking pressure the home side scored a try after a well worked kick which bounced high over the line and resulted in the clattering and knocking out of winger, Ben (Ted) Williams.


After the half time team talk, Colstons started the half with fierce intent and excellent charging runs showed this from Henry Farmer and James Clouds, who on more than one occasion broke the line. Henry Farmer was rewarded with a try for his hard faught yards.


The two centres came into the own during the second half, with Stillwell and Farmer (T) making use of their size and strength advantage to utilise the crash ball. Their close came was making an impact and when the time came they fired the ball out wide to set up Josh Thould for a classic wingers try.


As the second half progressed the machine that was the OC’s pack slowly broke Cotham Park and runs from Si Kelly proved this dominance.


Special mention goes to Ryan Neville who scored his first OC’s try after some superb build up play, and to our resident castaway David Wynn-Jones who made his first appearance after a year tramping around the globe.


Overall a good day for the men in blue and gold, three wins in three and bonus points to boot.


Bring on next week.