Old Colstonians: Your local Bristol Rugby Club!

The facilities at Old Colstonians disposal are arguably some of the best in Bristol for an amateur rugby club which means all year round training to enhance fitness and improve core skill levels no matter what the weather.


The club has access to 6 rugby pitches.  The schools first team pitch is used for all home matches.

Weights Room and Cardiovascular

A fully equipped CV (Cardiovascular) suite and weights room is available for all players.  This set of equipment is very important throughout the season, especially for injured and recovering players.  Players are welcome to keep strength and fitness ticking over whilst main training is on.  Full recovery for players is of upmost importance to the club.  
Weights and CV also offer further training facilites if the training ground is hampered by snow, flood, or frost for our winter training.


Often used in the winter months, the gymnasium offers a factility for keeping players fit and their skills on form.  Circuit training is a favorite in the gymnasium.